Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Deck My Lady Balls (VIDEO & recipe)

Tis' the season of indulgence! For those of us who generally adhere to a healthy plant-based diet, indulging on fatty and sugary snacks often leads to bloated, gassy, lethargic regret...with zits! Yuk!

Instead of suffering for the sake of tradition, here is a tasty, creamy, chocolatey gem that's packed full of energy to introduce to your friends and family this holiday season! This mouth-watering snack is so delicious, nobody will believe it's healthy. It's organic, vegan, non-GMO, requires zero cooking, and only takes minutes to prepare. The decadent treat I'm talking about is something I like to call...Lady Balls. Yum!

You can order all the amazing ingredients you'll need to make your own Lady Balls at Thrive Market and they will be delivered to your door! To learn how to make Lady Balls, simply watch the instructional video below. Happy holidays!

For a complete list of ingredients, scroll past video.


  • 1 5.4 fl oz can of Coconut Cream
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1 cup chocolate flavored hemp protein powder
  • 1 heaping tsp coconut oil, melted 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Periods are going to happen

Some of you may find this subject a little uncomfortable. Get over it. Women’s health, including menstruation, is something everyone should be concerned about. Are the women in your life having a safe menstrual experience? Most feminine hygiene products are made with toxic chemicals that are easily absorbed through the delicate tissues of the lady parts.

In the lighthearted video below, I share my personal views on the subject and provide advice on a safe alternative.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Top 5 Reasons I’m a Thrive Market Fan

For about  year now, I have been a Thrive Market member. After enjoying the benefits of being a member for only a few months, I became an affiliate. If you are a regular Reader, then you know there are few products and services that I promote on my blog. Unless I have personally tried a product or service, I don't feel right suggesting that my Readers try it. With that said, I believe Thrive Market is a fantastic and innovative company that my Readers could benefit from. Here are a few reasons why...

1. As a wheelchair-user who is also small statured, it is impossible for me to see all the items on the shelves at the grocery store. Sometimes the labels on the shelves are helpful but only to a degree. Thrive Market offers a much more relaxed shopping experience for me by allowing me to do my grocery shopping online where everything is accessible.

2. Thrive Market holds the same values as I do when it comes to food. They only offer the brands that I trust. That means I don’t always have to read every single ingredient on every food item I purchase because I already know it meets my standards. That gives me more time to eat healthy snacks while I watch Netflix!

3. The masterminds behind Thrive Market are generous. In addition to offering healthy foods at a much lower price than most health food stores, they also give one free membership to a low-income family for every paid membership. That really means a lot to me personally because I was raised in a single-parent household and I remember how hard it was for my mother to provide healthy food for us.

4. Like many companies, Thrive Market has a blog on their website and it is exceptionally informative. They blog about recipes, self-care, and social issues. For example, they recently shared this petition on their blog to ask the USDA to allow low-income families to use their government funded food cards on the internet so they can have access to healthy foods.

5. Have you ever tried pushing or driving a wheelchair while carrying a bag of groceries? It just might meet the criteria to be considered an Olympic event. All jokes aside, it is a real challenge for many people with disabilities and seniors to physically get their groceries home from the store. Having my healthy foods delivered right to my door makes my life a little less challenging and I appreciate that.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Free Jar of Avocado Oil Mayo, Just for You!

Where would tuna salad be without mayonnaise and relish to hold it together? What’s a burger without that creamy special sauce? Instead of sticking with the conventional, mass-produced stuff made with sugar and unhealthy oils, opt for something better—Primal Kitchen’s Paleo-friendly mayonnaise, made from avocado oil. And don’t just take our word for it—try it for free. Because we’re such big fans of this mayonnaise, we are giving away thousands of full-sized jars of Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo! Claim yours today!

Most conventional mayos are made from unhealthy canola and soybean oils, added sugars, and preservatives to “improve taste.” Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise, on the other hand, is made from avocado oil—a heart-healthy oil that is about 70 percent monounsaturated fats. These “good fats” help the body regulate cholesterol levels, as well as increase the absorption of antioxidants and other nutrients. That’s why Primal Mayo is the holy grail of condiments—every dollop of this mayo is so good for you that you can use it lavishly to upgrade the flavor (and nutrition!) of your meal.

Here are just a few of the things that make Primal Kitchen Mayo so special:
  • It’s the only mayo in existence made from nutrient-dense avocado oil
  • Made from cage-free organic eggs and egg yolks
  • Made from vinegar from non-GMO beets
  • Locally produced in Southern California
  • Completely free of dairy, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and gluten
  • Compatible with gluten-free and low-carb diets of all kinds
  • Made from only five of the highest quality ingredients—and you can pronounce all of them

Plus, this avocado oil mayonnaise is incredibly versatile. It’s absolutely delicious in everything from homemade ranch or ceasar dressing, to tuna or chicken salads, to fresh dips and sauces.

Not an avocado oil convert yet? Well, you’re in luck, because Thrive Market is offering all first-time members a FREE jar of Primal Kitchen’s Paleo-friendly avocado oil mayonnaise! All you have to do is pay the $1.95 shipping fee. Claim your free gift today before they’re gone! This offer applies to new members only, but existing members can also get a free jar when they make a purchase of $50 or more on Thrive!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Face of Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Dear Readers,

photo of Jane Hash by
Alternative Noise Productions
I'm glad you stopped by my blog today because I have some fun news to share with you. First, there is some background information you should know. I have a rare connective tissue disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). This condition is caused by an 'imperfection' in the collagen. If you'd like to learn more about collagen and the role it plays in our bodies, I can suggest an interesting new book for you to check out. 

That brings us to the fun part of this post!

About three years ago I was very respectfully approached on Linkedin by James San Antonio, a Scientist who was working on his contribution to a publication in which he covers the topics of collagen and Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He was searching for an image of a person with OI to include with his research. However, the stock images of people with Osteogenesis Imperfecta that he had access to, were too clinical in nature for his liking. Then he came across the image above, of me looking studious in my glasses, red dress, and fishnets with pen and paper in hand.

I was (and still am) very flattered and impressed that a Scientist wanted my face to represent people with OI. The publication he was working on is now complete. It is called, We Discover, by Marc Guttman and Steven Mercado...and it can be purchased on Amazon by clicking this link!

Thanks again for stopping by! Come back soon!

Jane Hash

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Colon Hydrotherapy - part two

Now that I have two sessions of colon hydrotherapy under my belt, I am eager to share more details of my cleansing experience. Proponents of this procedure believe it has many redeeming health benefits. As I mentioned in Colon Hydrotherapy – part one, this practice of colon cleansing is not a new trend. However, all methods of administering this type of therapy are not created equal.

In part two of my colon hydrotherapy experience, I will share:
  • How colon hydrotherapy affected my body
  • How to find a qualified Colon Therapist near you
  • More photos of my experience

Most significant affects on my body

Spaciousness – The first change I noticed after only one session was the sensation of having extra room inside my body…particularly my abdominal area. I even felt more energetic! Considering the amount of waste I observed being removed from my body, this spacious sensation should not have taken me by surprise.

After each session I weighed myself but didn’t see any significant weight loss. This confused me because I feel lighter and my pants are looser on me than they previously were. Then, I noticed the change in my posture. I’m actually sitting straighter for longer amounts of time than I could beforehand. Could the weight of all that toxic material actually pull my body out of alignment? I don’t know the answer for sure but that is my current theory.

No Pressure – Prior to my first colon hydrotherapy session, I didn’t have any significant pain or discomfort to speak of…except for a minor pressure in my lower back every evening. I grew accustom to it and chalked it up to being a life-long, full-time wheelchair user in my forties. After my first session this pressure went away and has yet to return.

Realizing that my lower backpressure had gone away reminded me of something one of my natural health instructors told our class. He described how illness and disease could sneak up on people because we get used to our bodies feeling a certain way. We tend to accept any discomfort as just part of life or aging instead of listening to our body’s warnings. I accepted my lower backpressure as normal because of my sedentary lifestyle. This experience has definitely taught me to pay closer attention when my body is trying to tell me something.

Reset – Two sessions of colon hydrotherapy later, I feel like the eliminative channels of my body have been reset and rejuvenated. After my first session, I didn’t have a bowel movement for almost three days. Yet, after my second session, I had a bowel movement after about a day and a half. Now I am on a fairly regular schedule, depending on my food intake, of having two to three healthy bowel movements a day instead of one uncomfortable and less complete bowel movement per day.

The skin is the largest eliminative channel of the body and mine is more clear and radiant than it has been in years. Dry patches that have been my arch nemesis for quite a while are becoming less and less noticeable. I even find myself using less foundation and concealer when I wear makeup. My overall skin integrity has improved.
Respiratory issues have plagued me my entire life. My connective tissue disorder, extended exposure to cigarette smoke in my early years, and a painful overdose of anesthesia I suffered during my one and only surgery as a child, are all contributing factors. This time of year when the weather is in flux, I am usually sipping on my homemade, herbal, respiratory support syrup to fend of any asthma-like attacks. Since my colon hydrotherapy sessions began though, I have not reached for my respiratory support syrup once. Breathing is actually easier and my lungs feel less constricted.

Finding a Colon Therapist

Finding a Medical Spa or similar facility that offers colon hydrotherapy, also known as “colonic irrigation” or simply “a colonic”, is fairly easy. However, finding a facility that employs a certified colon therapist to insure your procedure is done safely will take a little research…but you are worth it!  

Personally, I will only have this procedure done by someone within the Angel of Water Network. These practitioners have had extensive colon health education. They are also trained by Lifestream Purification Systems, LLC; the manufacturer of the equipment used in this therapy. Plus, the Angel of Water system has been approved by the FDA and is used in hospitals around the world.

Should you reside or be visiting northeast Ohio, I recommend you contact Total Body Image if you are seeking a clean, safe, colon hydrotherapy session. For everyone else, within as well as outside the US, here is a link to the Angel of Water Network.


As promised, here are a couple photos that were taken during my most recent colon hydrotherapy session. My goal in sharing these images is to help you make an educated decision regarding whether or not this therapy is right for you, instead of making a fear based choice based on horror stories we’ve all read on the internet.
As you look at these photos and ponder if this procedure is right for you, here are some details to keep in mind.
  • I am considered “medically fragile” due to my diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which also contributed to my development of scoliosis.
  • I am 41 years-old.
  • Before and after each procedure, I weighed 38lbs.
  • I am 31 inches tall.

If you would like to see a ‘part three’ of my colon cleansing journey, let me know in the comment section below!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Breakfast goes bananas over Coconut Cream

One of the products I raved about in the Thrive Market haul /review video I posted last week was organic Coconut Cream by Native Forest. 

There is no shortage of recipes that Coconut Cream can be used in but this is my current favorite that I like to make for breakfast. It is super easy to whip up and leaves plenty of room for creativity!

Breakfast goes bananas over Coconut Cream

NOTE: Put your can of Coconut Cream in the refrigerator the night before you intend to make this recipe. It helps the coconut fat solidify and makes it easier to use and more fun to eat! One can makes enough cream for two to three servings.
  • All the yummy cream will solidify and rise to the top of the can. So, turn your can of Coconut Cream upside down and open the bottom. 
  • Then pour off the the liquid off into a glass. This can be added to smoothies later.
  • Take a spoon and scoop out all the coconut cream solids into a bowl.
  • Add 1tsp of raw honey (to keep it vegan, use sugar or other sweetener instead.)
  • Then, whip the cream and honey together. You can use a wire whisk or an electric mixer. Whatever tool you decide to use, just make sure you whip it good! The consistency will be like a heavy cream instead of Cool Whip. Set aside.
  • Slice a banana and arrange on your plate or in your bowl. It's your breakfast. Eat it however you want!
  • Then, scoop your coconut cream on top of the banana slices.
  • Optional: Sprinkle a dash of Maca Root or cacao powder on top.
  • Store any remaining cream in a covered container in the refrigerator.
Get creative and share your results below!