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Vitamix makes dietary fiber accessible

Low-income individuals and minority populations in the US often struggle with dental issues. I happen to fit into both of these categories because I rely on Medicaid and I am a member of the largest minority group in the world – people with disabilities.

This blog post isn’t about political debate, policy scrutiny, or solving the national oral healthcare crisis though. Instead, it is about using the right tools to help maintain a healthy diet despite dental and socioeconomic challenges.
My teeth are very fragile because of a connective tissue disorder called, Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Several have broken beyond repair and have had to be removed. Therefore, foods that are commonly associated with a healthy diet, including granola, carrot sticks, and nuts are not viable options for me.

Instead of abandoning my healthy diet goals and resigning myself to a diet of pudding and mashed potatoes, I bought a Vitamix. It took me a long time to save up for my Vitamix but it was worth it because it…

Hot video included

Natural health pioneer, Dr. John Christopher, described cayenne as one of the most beneficial yet misunderstood of all the healing herbs. While it is technically a fruit, for therapeutic purposes physicians and herbalists generally regard cayenne as an herb. Two of it its more notable attributes is the effect it has on the circulatory system and the digestive system.
I have taken cayenne as a supplement every day for the past 15 years and it as proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a person with a connective tissue disorder who is also a full-time wheelchair-user, I am at risk for heart and digestive issues. However, I truly believe that regardless of any diagnosis there is always room for improvement. 

Safety Tip:  Only take cayenne as a supplement on a full stomach.  
Prior to incorporating cayenne into my daily health regimen, I suffered from multiple health issues. Any exertion of energy would quickly leave me short of breath, sweaty, and cause an uncomfortably r…

Straw ban solution found in PLANTS!

Please excuse my excitement but as an herbalist, it makes me downright giddy when the answer to a global crisis is (insert drum roll here) PLANTS!

As you may have heard, a straw ban is sweeping the nation and causing a great deal of controversy between able-bodied people concerned about the environment and people with disabilities concerned about dying of dehydration. 

This may seem like a dramatic description of the straw ban controversy but it’s exactly the way some people feel and everyone’s concerns are valid.

Instead of arguing about whose needs are more important, let’s show compassion toward people with disabilities and the environment at the same time by replacing all plastic straws with a comparable, compostable alternative.

There is no debate about the importance of finding eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic products that will spend more time in the oceans or landfills instead of actually serving a purpose. There is also no debate about the medical necessity of str…

Deck My Lady Balls (VIDEO & recipe)

Tis' the season of indulgence! For those of us who generally adhere to a healthy plant-based diet, indulging on fatty and sugary snacks often leads to bloated, gassy, lethargic regret...with zits! Yuk!
Instead of suffering for the sake of tradition, here is a tasty, creamy, chocolatey gem that's packed full of energy to introduce to your friends and family this holiday season! This mouth-watering snack is so delicious, nobody will believe it's healthy. It's organic, vegan, non-GMO, requires zero cooking, and only takes minutes to prepare. The decadent treat I'm talking about is something I like to call...Lady Balls. Yum!

You can order all the amazing ingredients you'll need to make your own Lady Balls at Thrive Market and they will be delivered to your door! To learn how to make Lady Balls, simply watch the instructional video below. Happy holidays!

For a complete list of ingredients, scroll past video.

1 5.4 fl oz can of Coconut Cream1/2 cup creamy p…

Periods are going to happen

Some of you may find this subject a little uncomfortable. Get over it. Women’s health, including menstruation, is something everyone should be concerned about. Are the women in your life having a safe menstrual experience? Most feminine hygiene products are made with toxic chemicals that are easily absorbed through the delicate tissues of the lady parts.
In the lighthearted video below, I share my personal views on the subject and provide advice on a safe alternative.

Top 5 Reasons I’m a Thrive Market Fan

For about  year now, I have been a Thrive Market member. After enjoying the benefits of being a member for only a few months, I became an affiliate. If you are a regular Reader, then you know there are few products and services that I promote on my blog. Unless I have personally tried a product or service, I don't feel right suggesting that my Readers try it. With that said, I believe Thrive Market is a fantastic and innovative company that my Readers could benefit from. Here are a few reasons why...

1. As a wheelchair-user who is also small statured, it is impossible for me to see all the items on the shelves at the grocery store. Sometimes the labels on the shelves are helpful but only to a degree. Thrive Market offers a much more relaxed shopping experience for me by allowing me to do my grocery shopping online where everything is accessible.

2. Thrive Market holds the same values as I do when it comes to food. They only offer the brands that I trust. That means I don’t always ha…

A Free Jar of Avocado Oil Mayo, Just for You!

Where would tuna salad be without mayonnaise and relish to hold it together? What’s a burger without that creamy special sauce? Instead of sticking with the conventional, mass-produced stuff made with sugar and unhealthy oils, opt for something better—Primal Kitchen’s Paleo-friendly mayonnaise, made from avocado oil. And don’t just take our word for it—try it for free. Because we’re such big fans of this mayonnaise, we are giving away thousands of full-sized jars of Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo! Claim yours today!

Most conventional mayos are made from unhealthy canola and soybean oils, added sugars, and preservatives to “improve taste.” Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise, on the other hand, is made from avocado oil—a heart-healthy oil that is about 70 percent monounsaturated fats. These “good fats” help the body regulate cholesterol levels, as well as increase the absorption of antioxidants and other nutrients. That’s why Primal Mayo is the holy grail of condiments—every dollop of this mayo …