Saturday, August 4, 2012

EBT Health and Beauty Tip #1 - Grapeseed Oil

The single most versatile item that I have ever purchased with my EBT card is definitely Grapeseed Oil.  This stuff is amazing!  It can be used in the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the bedroom.  My brand of choice is Spectrum Organics which I purchase at my local health food store.

While there are plenty of different culinary oils available at just about every grocery store, not all of them are for cooking.  Many of them lose nutritional value or become carcinogenic in the cooking process so, they are best used as condiments and added to already cooked or raw foods.  Grapeseed Oil is unique though.  It can withstand a much higher heat without losing any of its many healthful benefits which include being high in essential fatty acids.  Plus, it has a very light flavor that does not mask or alter the flavor of what you are cooking.  I like to use Grapeseed Oil in making stir-fry dishes because it really helps maintain the full flavor of the fresh and yummy vegetables! 

Grapeseed Oil has found a home in my bathroom as well.  It is an excellent beauty treatment for skin and hair because it is loaded with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and antimicrobial properties!  Ohio winters can be painfully harsh on the skin.  Fortunately, a soothing Grapeseed Oil-Sea Salt Scrub always makes my dry winter skin feel better.  There are only two ingredients in this formula which can both be purchased with an EBT card.  First, I mix the two ingredients together.  Next, I get in the bathtub and moisten my skin.  Then, I rub the mixture into my skin in a circular motion from my hair line on my head to the tip of my toes.  Lastly, I take a long, soaking bath and just marinate in the scrub before rinsing it all off.  The silky smooth results are priceless!  I store any leftover Grapeseed Oil-Sea Salt Scrub in an airtight container and use it later in the week.  Here is the formula for the luxurious Grapeseed Oil-Sea Salt Scrub:

In addition to keeping my skin happy and healthy, Grapeseed Oil also helps me control my wild and curly locks that are prone to getting dry and frizzy.  I only learned this trick recently and can't wait to share because it is ridiculously easy!  First, I warm up the Grapeseed Oil (I do not use the microwave because it destroys the enzymes and nutrients.)  Next, I massage it into my entire scalp and make sure every strand of hair is coated.  Then, I put on a plastic shower cap and set the timer for 30 minutes.  This is a good time to have a cup of tea and a piece of organic free-trade chocolate.  Lastly, I wash and dry my beautifully soft and manageable hair!  Sometimes two washings are in order depending on how thirsty for Grapeseed Oil my hair happens to be that day.  Here is the super simple formula for my Grapeseed Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment!

  • a stainless steel pot
  • 4 to 6 TBSP Grapeseed Oil, depending on hair length
  • a spoon for applying to hair
After a healthy dinner and a spa quality beauty treatment, I'm ready for anything but sleep.  When I'm feeling healthy and beautiful, I'm generally up for some consensual adult activities!  Survey upon survey confirms that sufficient lubrication makes sexual activities more fun, regardless of your gender or sexual-orientation.  Most personal lubricants available for purchase though are full of things that could be hazardous to your health like, propylene glycol or parabens.  Fortunately, Grapeseed Oil can do anything a regular lube can do and it does it better!  I keep my bedroom Grapeseed Oil in a separate bottle from my kitchen and bathroom bottles for sanitary purposes.  Who would have guessed that a superior quality personal lubricant could be purchased with an EBT card?

There you go Folks.  These are just a few ways that Grapeseed Oil has improved the quality of my life.  It only costs a few dollars so, even when there are economic hardships, it is still posible to be healthy and beautiful!

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