Monday, September 24, 2012

A Very Herbal Weekend

I have had a very busy yet rewarding weekend of tending to my homemade, organic, herbal formulations!  Being healthy does not mean you have to make everything yourself.    I tend to purchase formulas that are exceptionally messy to make like, ointments.  I truly enjoy making most of my home remedies myself though!  Some of my recent formulations included a nutritional supplement, herb infused oil, and three tinctures which will be components used in yet other formulations!

For my nutritional supplements I decided to use equal parts of alfalfa, kelp, and rose hips.  It wasn't hard at all to decide which herbs to use in this formula that I put into capsules.  If I were to purchase pre-made vitamins, I would buy VITALERBS from the Dr. Christopher product line because I truly believe they are the best herbal multivitamin that you can buy.  The first three ingredients in these vitamins are alfalfa, kelp, and rose hips!  This tells me that Dr. Christopher felt very strongly about the nutritive value of these three herbs.  In doing my own research, I completely understand their value and decided to use them in my formula too.  They really give me a serious energy boost!

The herb infused oil I started is grapeseed oil and comfrey leaf.  When I say that I "started" it, I mean that I put the herb and oil in a glass jar.  A few times a week I'll make sure the jar gets a good shaking!  In six weeks I'll strain the plant matter from the oil and do lots of wonderful things with my lovely, hand-crafted comfrey oil.  I can't wait to use it in my skin smoothing bath scrub!

I also started one tincture and strained two others.  The tincture I started is made of comfrey and Apple Cider Vinegar.  Some of this will be used in a cough syrup I'll be making.  I am aware that the FDA does not approve of comfrey being used internally.  However, I have consumed comfrey for years and believe it has improved my health greatly.  This will also get a good shaking a few times a week until I declare it 'ready' in six weeks.  One of the tinctures I strained provided me with an excellent learning opportunity.  Never, ever again, will I use "POWDERED" white oak bark to make a tincture.  Instead I will only use cut white oak bark for this purpose.  Straining the powdered white oak bark tincture, made with grain alcohol, was like straining mud.  It took a ridiculously long time and looked rather gross.  The other tincture I strained was wild cherry bark in grain alcohol.  This will go into the previously mentioned cough syrup with the comfrey tincture.

I hope you enjoy and learn from my experiments in my laboratory a.k.a. kitchen.  I'll be sure to let you all know how the cough syrup turns out.  If you are interested in making your own tinctures, infused oils, and capsules then I suggest getting a good herbal 'how to' guide.  The one I use is "The School of Natural Healing" by Dr. Christopher.  It is full of amazing formulas that have improved my quality of life.  

Also, once you decide which formulas you're going to make, you'll need some supplies.  All the organic herbs, capsules, and capsule making tools discussed in this post were purchased fromMountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c.

Enjoy and be well!

Jane Hash, CNHP

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