Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm a LUSH Girl (Mostly Vegan Body Care) - part two

A few posts ago I gushed about LUSH, a company that makes personal hygiene products out of fresh fruits and vegetables.  They have been part of my daily bathing/beauty routine for at least five years now.  Just when I thought our relationship was perfect and couldn't get any better, LUSH gave me another reason to love them more!

You see, in the previous post I mentioned that I was promoting LUSH products completely commission-free.  At that time it was absolutely true.  After I published the post though I started thinking about all the people who I have converted from conventional products to LUSH products.  At the risk of bragging, I'm quite the effective LUSH pusher.  This product line really sells itself because of its superior quality and the care that goes into making the products.  Sometimes people just need a little convincing to give it that first try though because our society generally deems it strange to wash ourselves with fruits and vegetables.  Every time I have convinced a friend to give LUSH a try though, they became a repeat customer.

So, I decided to look for employment opportunities within the company.  They are a rapidly growing business which provides a lot of opportunity.  Due to geography and physical demands, the best way for me to join the LUSH team at this time is to be an affiliate...hence the random LUSH ads on my blog.  By being an affiliate, I'll get a commission when you make your LUSH purchases by going through the ads on my blog here.  I'm definitely going to keep an eye on LUSH's job posting page as well so I don't miss an opportunity to be a greater part of the LUSH team!

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