Monday, September 10, 2012

'Jane Approved' Natural Living Products

Recently I signed up for an AdSense Account through Google, in hopes of generating a little cash from my blog.  That lasted about 24 hours because all the ads they wanted to put on my blog were contradictory to my blog's content.  I am a Holistic Vitality Educator and I will not have Domino's Pizza ads on my blog!  I may not be rich but I do have my integrity.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson.  I should only promote companies I trust and products that I actually use.  So, now I am in the process of becoming an affiliate of those companies whose products actually enhance the quality of my life.  Don't worry that my blog will become overrun with ads because there are few companies who live up to my standards.

The first ad you'll notice here is from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I have been a very satisfied customer of their for nearly 10 years.  Every time you follow their links here on my blog and purchase one of their fine products, I will get a commission for telling you how amazing they are!  WIN WIN!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


  1. Wahoo! I love Mountain Rose Herbs and will definitely start making my purchases in a way that will benefit your work! Thanks, Jane!!

    1. They are fantastic! I'm expecting an order from them tomorrow. EXCITED!

  2. I've had that very same issue with Adsense on my blog. This is why I don't have Adsense because I will not promote disease causing products. Cheers to us!