Friday, October 12, 2012

I Am My Own Science Experiment

I just had a really interesting experience in being sick and I am super excited to tell you about it!  

First, since adopting a holistic lifestyle about ten years ago, I have only been sick a few times.  Previously, I would be laid up in bed a couple times a year with some type of unpleasant illness.  Also, for as long as I can remember, any type of cold, flu, or virus that I've ever had has always turned into a respiratory infection which came with a cough that lingered for what seemed like an eternity.  It even evolved into Pneumonia twice!

Secondly, in July of this year I started incorporating plant-based digestive enzymes into my daily health maintenance routine.  Shortly after I started taking them I noticed, and people around me noticed, that I seemed to have more energy.  I actually felt lighter in my body.  

Then, about a month ago, I decided to switch up the enzyme formula I was taking.  There are lots of different formulas because everyone's dietary needs are different.  As Dr. Loomis says, "people can not be standardized."  Instead of taking just the more basic formula, I started taking the enzyme formulation that is specifically designed for people with respiratory issues.

Charity Jane (Great-Niece) Jane Hash, CNHP (Great-Aunt)
Shortly after starting the new enzyme formula, I was exposed to a baby with a runny nose.  She really did not act like a sick baby so I just chalked up the runny nose to the fact that she is teething.  I just couldn't resist the cuteness of my great-niece, even with a runny nose, and spent the afternoon playing, squeezing, and kissing the sweet little germ spreader.

About 24-hours later, I felt like someone punched me in the face.  My eyes were swollen, tearing, and red.  I was sneezing like mad and could do nothing but nap.  I think I went through two whole boxes of tissue.  This lasted about four days.  During this time I maintained my daily health maintenance routine plus my 'sick routine' which involves eating raw garlic and diffusing lots of Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  

As each day passed, I waited for the sickness to creep into my lungs like it always has...but it never did.  This is the first time ever in my life that a cold did not turn into a respiratory infection of some type and the only thing I'm doing different is taking digestive enzymes.  It's now day-5.  Aside of the dry and peeling nose from all the wiping and blowing, I am completely healthy again.  The sickness never found its way into my lungs.  I am at a loss for words in trying to express what a huge personal breakthrough this is.  

As I mentioned on another page within this website, I have a condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta aka O.I.  Those with this diagnosis are prone to respiratory issues, like I mentioned experiencing earlier in this post.  The leading cause of death among those with O.I. is respiratory failure.  If I have discovered a way to prevent getting lung infections, I just may have added a few more fun filled years to my life!

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