Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gifts of Health and Wellness - part 1

The gift-giving holiday season is upon us once again!  When I purchase a gift, I like to buy things that will be useful or enhance the quality of my loved one's life in some way.  This generally isn't expensive yet is always very appreciated.  

Throughout this holiday season I will be writing a series of posts called "Gifts of Health and Wellness," in which I share information about products, publications, and services that you can feel good about giving to your loved ones.

The first product which I fully endorse is "Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment."  This is a product which has a permanent home in my refrigerator.  I honestly don't remember the original reason I purchased this ointment.  It sat in my refrigerator completely untouched for many months.  Then I got one of those nasty colds where all your muscles ache.  The muscles in my back hurt so bad that I couldn't lay down to go to sleep.  My Herbalist brain went on auto-pilot and I went to the refrigerator and slathered myself in Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment.  It was amazing!  It brought me such instant and long-lasting relief that I slept like a baby.

Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment can generally be used in the same way as any over the counter ice/hot type ointment.

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