Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lemon Peel Follow-Up

Last month I posted about my experiment in recycling lemon peels.  The experiment was a great success!  Next time, I plan to let the concoction sit for an additional week though so the lemony scent is more intense.  This batch is quite nice though.

All I did was fill a glass jar with rubbing alcohol and put a tight fitting lid on it.  Then, every few days when I used some lemon, I put the peel in the jar of rubbing alcohol.  After about a month, I strained it and put the liquid in a plastic spray bottle.  Now I have wonderful lemon air freshener which, is a really nice pick-me-up scent to help make this cold and dreary Ohio winter a little less dreary.  It's like having a little sunshine in a bottle!

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