Saturday, October 12, 2013

March Against Monsanto in Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Readers,

Several months ago I was invited to be a guest speaker at the March Against Monsanto rally that took place today on Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio today.  It was an honor to be recognized for my knowledge regarding the effects our food has on our health and vitality.  Below is the full text of my presentation today, along with a video of the event that includes highlights of my speech.


by Jane Hash, CNHP

Hello and thank you for coming out here today. Ever since I picked up a microphone two years ago and began producing the podcast “HASH IT OUT With Jane,” I have been speaking out against Monsanto. I consider most of their business practices to be crimes against humanity, which I could talk about for days.

However, I was invited to speak to all of you today because I am Certified Natural Health Professional who spends a great deal of time educating individuals and organizations about diet and nutrition. A very wise pioneer in holistic health, Dr. John Christopher, believed that the main cause of all sickness, disease, and disability is malnutrition. The average American is not likely to buy into this quackery though because America is a super power! We have tons of food, right? In 2012, the Natural Resources Defense Council reported that Americans throw away over 150 Billion dollars of food every year. So, how could WE be suffering from malnutrition?

Let’s shift our focus now to Round-Up and Round-Up Ready seeds. Round-Up is one of the marketing names for an herbicide called glyphosate, which was created by a team of scientists employed by Monsanto. It has been used in commercial farming since the 1970’s. Round-Up Ready seeds are seeds that have been Genetically Modified to be glyphosate resistant. If you are a Farmer who uses Monsanto’s Round-Up, you have to use Round-Up Ready seeds.

Now let’s examine how glyphosate and Round-Up Ready GMO seeds may be affecting you and me. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration claims that glyphosate is safe and does not pose any cancer or other health risks to humans. There was a time when this would have brought me comfort. Then I started doing my own research and learned that many of these individuals within the EPA and the FDA who are making these claims, also work for Monsanto. I’m not going to pull a Palin and name names or hold up their photos with crosshairs over their faces. Instead, I will simply encourage you to do your own research.

Fortunately, there are experts out there who are willing to speak truthfully on this subject. Dr. Don Huber, an internationally known and respected plant pathologist and Professor Emeritus at Purdue University stated that, glyphosate kills plants by starving them to death. It inhibits a plant’s ability to utilize minerals found in the soil. It also inhibits their ability to defend themselves against natural threats, like funguses and other organisms, which cause the plants to become diseased.

The European Journal of Agronomy published a paper written by Huber in 2009, in which he stated the following:

I found that glyphosate has an effect on reducing manganese in plants, which is essential to many plant defense reactions that protect plants from disease and environmental stress. Glyphosate can immobilize plant nutrients such as manganese, copper, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc so they are no longer nutritionally functional.
The report went on to explain that glyphosate not only makes these vital micronutrients unavailable to crops but also to animals and humans. What all of this means is that our food is not only diseased but it’s also severely nutritionally deficient. There has been no substantial evidence to prove that GMO’s crops are more prolific. However, even if those claims are true, what is the point if all they produce is diseased and nutritionally deficient crops?

Some of you might think that you are not being affected by GMO’s or glyphosate. Let’s conduct a little experiment. Raise your hand if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with any of the following conditions.

· Anxiety


· Asthma

· Autism

· Cancer

· Digestive disorders

· Hyper or Hypothyroidism

· Fertility issues

· Unexplained skin rashes

· Allergies to soybeans and/or peanuts

· Auto Immune Disease

· Chronic ear infections

· Connective Tissue Disorders

The list goes on. I am not a medical doctor and I am not audacious enough to say that GMO’s directly cause all of the issues I just listed. However, I am educated and experienced enough to say that a diet deficient in vital micronutrients that also include diseased cereal grains like wheat and corn, will absolutely, without a doubt, contribute to the development of sickness, disease, and disability. As a society, we are showing significant signs of malnutrition.

I will never know if GMO’s or glyphosate caused my disability but I strongly suspect that they are a contributing factor. There are over 70 million Americans with disabilities. Several thousand of these disabilities were caused by a Monsanto created herbicide used in the Vietnam War called, Agent Orange. These American soldiers were not informed of the potential heath risks of using Agent Orange. They were contaminated, came home, had children, and spread what is now commonly known as “Agent Orange Syndrome.” This is a horrific, debilitating condition which I encourage you to educate yourself about. You may not have been born until after the Vietnam War but people are still suffering.

History is repeating itself. Glyphosate is the new Agent Orange. Our government is not protecting us. The only way to peacefully defeat Monsanto is to stop giving them our money. Monsanto feeds on money. Let’s starve them out just like they are doing to us.

Just say no to GMO’s!

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