Thursday, June 5, 2014

Treat Your Face To Flower Water

Hello, lovely Readers! I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking a photo before I tried this latest experiment but I did not expect such quick and awesome results.  

My skin isn't porcelain white but I am quite fair. Lately, I started developing a lot pink and redness on my face. Perhaps the seasonal change caused the inflammation. I'm not quite sure. 
I looked through my pantry, which is full of herbs, essential oils, and other Herbalist necessities to see what type of potion I could whip up to help my irritated skin. In my search, I found a bottle of Chamomile Hydrosol. 

I know Chamomile is soothing in teas, lotions, and ointments. Why not try this on my face? Morning and night I have applied Chamomile Hydrosol to a cotton ball to cleanse my face. Then I apply a thin layer of moisturizer aka coconut oil. Three days later the inflammation on my face in 99% gone. My skin is clear and soft and feels great!

Do you use hydrosols (flower waters)?  Share your tips and suggestions in the comment below!

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