Saturday, May 23, 2015

March Against Monsanto - Cleveland

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Today was a very exciting day because health activists all over the globe spoke out against GMOs and their lack of proper labeling. It was my privilege to be a guest speaker at the MAM demonstration in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Below is a video of #MAMCLE, followed by the full text of my speech. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for having me here today. While most of my credentials are related to diet and nutrition, I’m going to be speaking from a more political strategy angle today.

When we look at the growing list of countries that are refusing to allow Monsanto seed to be planted in their soil, it can seem like a victory for those of us who have a greater awareness about the negative impact Monsanto is having on our environment.

Yet, it is imperative that we do our own research and read between the lines so that we do not fall victim to irresponsible media claims. Just because a country bans Monsanto’s round-up ready seeds, it is not a victory if these countries are simply buying toxic seeds from another equally dangerous corporation.

Currently, over 30 Ohio Farmers are suing a Swiss agrochemical company called, Syngenta for selling them substandard GMO corn seed before it was approved. The allegations also state that because corn cross-pollinates; all of the corn grown right here in Ohio has been contaminated.

Do you find it acceptable that Switzerland would restrict the use of GMO crops in their own country, while profiting from selling GMO seed to our Ohio Farmers?

We need to recognize that Monsanto is not alone anymore. Not only are there other corporations committing similar crimes against humanity with their tainted seeds but they are also influencing our legislators.
Last year alone, Monsanto donated more than three hundred thousand dollars to various politicians - both Republican and Democrat.
The GMO producing super powers have gained so much momentum that there is only one way to peacefully stop them. We have to stop giving them our money. The only way we are going to know if we are giving them our money, is if GMOs are labeled.

Only then will we truly have the freedom of choice.

The United States is supposed to be “the land of the free.” We have the freedom to practice any religion, without fear of being burned at the stake. We have the freedom to be here today and express our feelings about Monsanto, our government, and other governments, without fear of any legal ramifications. However, we do not have the freedom to know what we are eating!

Does that make you angry?

Come on Cleveland. You've got more passion than that. This is not a time for apathy. Allow me to rephrase my question. You - American citizens who work every day, pay taxes, and vote, do not have the right to know if the food you are feeding your children is toxic or not.


Good. Now harness that passion and do something about it.

First, events like March Against Monsanto provide excellent opportunities to meet other like-minded people. Look around. Do you see anyone who you do not know? Before you leave here today, I want you to introduce yourself to the awesome people here whom you do not yet know. Exchange email addresses, friend each other on Facebook – make a personal connection to other people who are here. We will not win our freedom to know what is in our food if we do not work together.

Second, do not wait for the next March Against Monsanto to communicate with each other. There is more communication technology available today than ever in history. Put it to good use and talk to each other on a regular basis. Find out what skills each person has to bring to the table and organize yourselves accordingly.

Third, get to know your politicians. Email them. Call them. Invite them out for coffee with you and your fellow activists to discuss why you believe GMO’s should be labeled. Discuss with them the facts about GMO’s and address the lack of facts. Make your politicians aware that Monsanto and other GMO agribusinesses are experimenting on their families too by withholding information about which foods contain GMOs.

When we vote, we are hiring politicians. They are our employees. It is our responsibility to educate them about what is important to us. It is their responsibility to make decisions that reflect what we hired them to do. We are two years away from the next Presidential election. Whomever you choose to vote for, make sure he or she knows that we want labels on GMOs.

Thank you.


  1. Beautiful speech, Jane. Thank you for speaking for us.

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