If you want to empower yourself with the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices then consider scheduling a Holistic Vitality class with me, Jane Hash, CNHP!

  • Private Classes - Some people are more modest than others and are not comfortable discussing their health concerns in a group setting.  Private Classes provide one-on-one, personalized education.  It's all about you!!
  • Group Classes - These classes often feel more like a party than a class!  Are you part of a circle of friends who share similar issues or concerns about making healthy lifestyle choices?  If so, put on a pot of herbal tea and invite your pals over for a Holistic Vitality class!  
  • Corporate Classes - If productivity is on the decline or your work environment is lacking vitality, this could be a sign that your employees are not feeling their best. Show them some love and engage the office in a Holistic Vitality class where they will have the opportunity to learn simple, non-invasive ways to instill vitality into their place of work!
  • Virtual Classes - This is likely the most convenient class for a busy person who wants to learn about making healthy lifestyle choices.  You won't even have to get up from your desk.  Regardless of where you are located, video-chat can bring us together for a one-on-one Holistic Vitality Class!
  • Digestive Enzyme Evaluations - This is another service in which location is not an issue, thanks to modern technology.  When you purchase a Digestive Enzyme Evaluation, you will receive a lengthy survey to fill out regarding your diet, health, and physical activity.  I can even help you fill it out via phone, email, or Skype if it seems overwhelming.  The data that this survey provides, will indicate which Digestive Enzyme Formula(s) would be best for your unique dietary needs.  Also, thanks to my extensive background in nutrition, I will be able to offer helpful suggestions on how to improve your diet.

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