Jane is extremely knowledgeable about her craft. Whenever I'm searching for some healthier way to improve my lifestyle, discussing herbal supplements to my diet or just looking for the answer to some random obscure question, Jane always has an answer for me. I have integrated several of her suggestions into my daily lifestyle, and am healthier for it.

- Matt

Jane's advice has helped me though so many tough times, from menstrual problems to ear infections to just plain good advice in my personal life.

Jane's ear candles are handmade with love and she has very carefully and professionally done ear candling on me as well as several of my friends, with great results. 

During flu season a few years ago she recommended an immune system tonic, which I can't say enough good things about, as a pre-k teacher I am constantly assaulted by kid germs and this tonic has kept me healthy compared to many of my co-workers, who get flu shots.

Jane is also a great inspiration to me and many others, proving everyday that a healthy attitude goes a long way in having a healthy life!

Nancy Michaels

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